Product ideas for Tinder to increase revenues

Product ideas for Tinder to increase revenues

This an exercise to explore possible product features which could help Tinder grow revenues. I haven’t used Tinder in the last 10 months so I do not know if any of these features now exist. Also, I was using Tinder in India, so the features rolled our elsewhere may not have been available for Indian users.

Feature Idea 1: Places to meet

Tinder makes all its money in the process of matching users. Why not monetize after they’ve matched?

Tinder could open its platform to vendors who can list deals for activities, restaurants, coffee shops and other places for matches to meet. Tinder vets these places and makes it available to end-users.

When 2 users match, initiate conversation, and then decide to meet, they will be presented with options that are vetted by Tinder to ensure a safe meeting place.

How does it benefit Tinder?

  • revenue stream
  • tracking of voluntary satisfied churn – people who have churned because the product did what it was intended to do (as defined by Brian Balfour in a Reforge program)
    For example, they could study down the funnel data on whether people meet after online interactions. Say, Tinder was to offer more than one coupon/voucher. If the voucher were redeemed together with the person they matched with, they might be able to establish reasons for churn. That it’s a privacy issue is a whole other topic.
  • addition to their safety features: location easily shareable with friends/family, businesses can be aligned with ensuring safety

Feature Idea 2: A/B Testing Bio

Tinder already optimises for the best profile picture, but there’s not much one can do with your bio. They could include an add-on to their Pro plans where they allow for A/B testing of bio or make this a separate upgrade (micro-transaction).

How does it benefit Tinder?

  • increases ARPU (average revenue per user)
  • a higher number of matches ⇒ higher engagement + retention. This leads to increased touch-points for monetization

Feature Idea 3: Verified Profiles

This feature would help in improving user experience, safety. Tinder would favour verified profiles over non-verified profiles in terms of impression delivery. Verified users get a verified tag on their profile.

Tinder could monetize this by asking users to pay a fee to get verified.

How does it benefit Tinder?

  • revenue stream if this is a paid option
  • addition to their safety features
  • marketability of feature in markets where safety is a big concern
  • creates better behaviour on the platform

Feature Idea 4: What are you here for?

Everyone has different expectations from the platform. What if I could tell Tinder what I’m looking for so it could match me with people who are looking for the same thing? This would need to be hidden from the profile as no one would want to be identified based on their choices.


  • Better matching of users (since expectations are the same)
  • Might work for certain markets where people use Tinder differently (it’s positioning in India is very different given the cultural norms)


  • The possibility that the platform would see lesser matches or interactions after a match
  • Friction in adoption
  • Issues with privacy

Feature Idea 5: Improving Bio to showcase interests

Tinder allows for importing favourite artists from Spotify. Similar integrations with other platforms such as Goodreads would help.

The ability to showcase or view expanded bios could be hidden behind a paywall (Pro plan).

How would this benefit Tinder?

  • Improved matching
  • Increase conversion rate to Pro plans
  • More information on users for better targeting of Ads

What would you build if you were leading product, growth or revenue at Tinder?

P.S: If you work at Tinder, I’d love your feedback on these ideas and insights on why these haven’t been built out.

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