About Me

I’m Justin Alva, you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn where I don’t do much other than lurk around. I hope to change that someday.

I consult at early-stage startups where I help with growth, marketing, and product. Previously, I worked in wealth-tech at smallcase, on a private lunar mission at TeamIndus, built an art marketplace (Cupick) and worked in business/marketing/growth for a bunch of other companies.

I listen to large amounts of music and would be happy you to introduce to genres such as drone, ambient, psychedelic & space rock, minimal techno and a whole host of obscure stuff. Recently, I’ve started collecting vinyl. I read a bit, play the guitar (and accumulate pedals), watch football and play some too, spend more time than I should on Netflix, and procrastinate excessively.

And yeah, I try to write.

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